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Now, more than ever, music and community, schedules and rituals are particularly important to children, and to all of us. Even though we can't sing together in person for our continued safety, we can still make interactive and playful music "together" in the virtual classroom, allowing your children to continue to receive the crucial learning that only a rich musical atmosphere can provide.

We make the world a better place when we make it more musical! So let's stay strong, build community, and MAKE MUSIC.....TOGETHER!

Did you know?...

Siblings attend online classes at no additional cost? And Grandparents or other extended family are welcome to Zoom in with us to connect and share the cuteness and learning!

Did you know?...

We work with a NEW collection of music every semester - there are 9 collections in all plus 3 Summer Compilations Collections!  That's 3 years of new & diverse musical discoveries for you and your child.